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Career Mastery

Enhance Excellence in Customer Service and Tourism, with Abacate Amarelo.

Added Values for Companies and Individuals:

 Exceptional Customer Service: Equipping travel agents with specific and specialized skills results in exceptional customer service, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


 Increase in Sales: Well-trained travel agents have a greater ability to sell packages and services, increasing the company's revenue.


• Reduction of Errors and Problems: Training reduces the likelihood of errors, which can lead to fewer problems, complaints and associated costs.


• Competitive Advantage: With a highly trained team, a travel agency stands out in its market and in global markets, gaining the trust of customers.


How to Sell a Destination with Abacate  Amarelo:

How your team can boost your sales and destinations?

• In-depth Knowledge: Our trainers have an understanding of various tourist destinations. They will share valuable insights about attractions, culture and unique experiences that can leverage information.

 Connections and Networking: Leverage Abacate Amarelo’s industry connections to create strategic partnerships and maximize your destination sales.


 Personalization: Practical and personalized training to create exclusive itineraries that meet customer needs and desires.


With our specialized professional training, your team will gain practical skills, in-depth knowledge and valuable industry insights. This will not only boost customer satisfaction but also increase sales and visibility in the market.

If you are looking for a solid partnership with experts who understand the nuances of tourism, Abacate Amarelo is the right choice. Contact us today and take your team and company to the next level in the tourism sector.

Thank you for considering Abacate Amarelo as your training and development partner! We look forward to working with you.

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Professional Training in Customer Service in Tourism:

Why choose our training?

​• Real Experiences: Our trainers are tourism professionals with extensive practical experience, sharing valuable insights from real situations to improve their team's skills.


 Specialized Vocabulary: Learn vocabulary specific to the tourism industry to improve communication with customers and provide exceptional service.


 Problem Solving: Empower teams to deal with complex challenges and resolve problems quickly, ensuring customer satisfaction.



Training in English and Portuguese languages in Tourism:

Why is it crucial for your business?

 Global Communication: In tourism, communication is fundamental. Our Portuguese and English language courses in Tourism provide individuals as well as groups of teams with the necessary skills to communicate effectively with international clients.

 Access to International Markets: Tourism-specific language skills open doors to international markets and help attract a diverse audience.

• Specific Vocabulary: Our training covers industry-specific terminology in travel agency and airline environments, enabling staff to speak confidently in customer service situations.



Basic Training for Travel Agents:

Why choose our training?

 Experienced Trainers: Our team of trainers has decades of experience in the tourism industry. They bring a wealth of practical knowledge and valuable insights from real-world situations to the classroom.


 Specialized Vocabulary: Teaching industry-specific vocabulary, enabling them to communicate confidently and accurately with customers, suppliers and partners.

 In-Depth Knowledge: Our training covers all the essential aspects of a travel agent's job, from selling destinations and building itineraries to making reservations, understanding industry regulations and trends.


What do we offer?

We offer practical courses oriented to the specific needs of the market in various areas.

Available Courses:

• Customer service  

 Portuguese in Tourism

• English in Tourism 

• How to Sell a Destination


• Basic Training for Travel Agents

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