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Corporate Events
 (in partnership with Paula dos Trópicos)

We are a leading organization in corporate event services, with experience in Angola and international markets. Our team offers event solutions adapted to companies' strategies and purposes, offering “turnkey” solutions for all needs from planning to execution.


Why choose Avocado Amarelo Corporate Events? ​


• Ability to create event experiences that stand out and offer additional value to customers. ​


• Memorable experiences for the company and its stakeholders. ​


• Access to an international network of professionals and suppliers who contribute to the enrichment and diversification of event offerings ​


• Events adapted and personalized to your sector, business culture and specific objectives. ​


• Providing success metrics and post-event analysis to assess ROI.

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What We Organize?

Organization of Corporate Events by Abacate Amarelo



At Abacate Amarelo, we believe that each corporate event is a unique opportunity to impress, motivate and inspire participants, whether they are employees, customers or partners. That's why we're dedicated to offering personalized solutions for organizing corporate events, ensuring that every detail reflects the values ​​and essence of your company. ​


Benefits of Organizing Corporate Events

The organization of corporate events by Abacate Amarelo offers a series of invaluable benefits for your company. By creating an engaging and innovative environment, we provide memorable experiences that strengthen professional relationships, promote engagement and reinforce company culture. ​


Creating New Experiences

Each event organized by Abacate Amarelo is planned with the aim of providing new and enriching experiences for all participants. We work closely to fully understand the event objectives and deliver a personalized and impactful experience. We organize Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Product Launches, Fairs and Exhibitions, Networking Events, Awards, Team Meetings and Internal Conferences, Corporate Social Responsibility Events, Roadshows, Team Buildings and even Webinars. ​


Sense of Belonging

Promoting a sense of belonging among employees is vital to the success of any company. Through well-planned and executed corporate events, Abacate Amarelo promotes the strengthening of bonds between teams, encouraging collaboration, effective communication and team spirit. ​


Brand Strengthening

In addition to engaging and motivating employees, a successful corporate event is a powerful branding tool. Abacate Amarelo understands the importance of aligning the event with your company's image and values, ensuring that each aspect contributes to strengthening your brand. ​


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